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Wilderness Medical Training

Colorado Outside is proud to offer Wilderness Medical Training courses certified by Wilderness Medical Associates, International.

Colorado Outside provides high quality training for outdoor enthusiasts, guides, recreational professionals and search and rescue volunteers. We offer instruction in wilderness medicine and backcountry rescue. Courses are available for the novice or professional rescuer to train you for the most critical outdoor medical emergencies.

We hope you'll consider joining Colorado Outside for one of our challenging and rewarding Wilderness Medical Training Courses.

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Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.

- Edward Abbey

Wilderness Medicine Courses

Wilderness First Responder

WFR is the ideal medical training for outdoor educators, guides, SAR team members, and others who work or play in remote areas. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical, including the essential principles and skills to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments.

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Open Re-Certification


Open to graduates of ALL wilderness medical training courses of 64 hours or longer with a current certification. Successful graduates
will receive Wilderness Medical Associates’® WFR, Anaphylaxis, and BLS/Healthcare Provider-level CPR certifications. WMA™ WEMT graduates with a current EMT-B or Paramedic certificate may also recertify the wilderness portion of their WEMT with this course.

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Wilderness First Aid


Wilderness First Aid is a two day introduction to general medical concepts and Basic Life Support skills. It’s targeted to the outdoor enthusiast on day trips or short adventures.

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“Darren was a fabulous instructor. He took his time and explained everything very thoroughly and intelligently. Strongly encouraging and very fun to have a course with. Thank you.”

-Ryan Kempfer, SAR

“Excellent class, very well done and material easy to understand. Hands on training was super, trainer very confident of his duty.”

-Mike Highwood, SAR

“Darren is a great instructor, excellent understanding of material, able to draw on real world examples for illustration and good at explaining concepts in ways students with different learning styles can appreciate.” -Trey Beck, SAR

“Well informed, skilled presenter, passionate about teaching topic, enthusiastic about sharing with students. When I take another course, I hope I can take it from Darren.”

-Brian Erickson, SAR